Project Description

Objective was to deep clean the render and return to a clean condition by removing staining and black algae growth from the render on the main building as effectively, responsibly and safely as possible.

Preparation is key starting with a full survey as each project has different requirements based on accessibility, render type and condition. There is a controlled, measured process of application to achieve the required results.

The process

    • Thorough and considerate preparation to cover over and protect items and planting
    • Full compliance to Health & Safety to protect staff, public and residents
    • Apply HSE approved bio degradable chemical to kill algae on the render
    • Wash off with variable pressure
    • Repeat process where necessary
    • Apply Inhibitor to prevent re-growth if chosen as a finishing option
    • Finishing clean

The residents and on looking harbour residents are very pleased with the finished results.

This effective method of cleaning render is proving to be the preferred choice for apartment blocks, houses and large buildings across the UK due to the high quality finish and a far more cost effective method when compared to painting and in most cases negating the need to paint, (which would need deep cleaning prior to applying paint as algae spores will breakdown the paint quickly) or other alternatives