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As cleaning specialists we are experienced in cleaning a wide variety of different surfaces. From plastic cladding to specialist hard stone, the method of cleaning is different for most surfaces and it imperative to correctly evaluate the method and process, also eliminating the unnecessary risk of damage, therefore for a truly effective result, it is not a ‘one approach fits all.’ Trust the specialists.

Wadesons are the trusted and preferred choice for all Softwashing cleaning projects – contact us for your free survey.

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    Why Softwash my building?

    Softwashing is the preferred method of cleaning for commercial premises including Industrial units. Typical surfaces include Kingspan, micro, plastic, brick and metal. It is a very effective method of deep cleaning, removing algae and carbon, environmental staining with long lasting results.

    What causes the red, green, yellow and black discolouring on my building?

    Wet and damp surfaces especially exposed aspects of any given building allowing organic matter to settle and can be absorbed causing growth and reproduction of algae, lichen and moss. Shaded, poorly lit areas creating a cold and damp environment also encourage the growth of algae and can be accelerated in planted areas around hard surfaces.

    How do you Softwash?

    The application and process we employ varies according to the building material and condition. The survey we undertake enables us to evaluate the specific process and systems required. The free ‘test patch clean’ provides you with visible proof of the results you can expect.

    Our approach will include the following considerations:

    • Softwash bio degradable chemical type & mix ratio
    • Water to Steam (0-150 c)
    • Variable Water Pressure Systems
    • Inhibitor to prevent re growth

    Do you carry out a site survey?

    Without obligation, our first step is to survey and evaluate the condition and properties of your building surface to determine the specific process of application for your building. The next step is to clean a ‘test patch’ free of charge, giving you visible results.

    The company you choose should understand different building surfaces and the processes of how to deep clean each surface type. You can be assured Wadesons will evaluate and complete any works to the highest of standards.

    Is it effective?

    Yes, very effective. After the Softwash clean, the surface will look clean, fresh and in many cases as new giving fantastic results and look aesthetically pleasing again

    Can you prevent the algae from coming back?

    Once the building has been Soft washed cleaned and looking as good as new, we will apply a biocide Inhibitor preventing the spores to take root for a considerable time. This can last many years or less if any part of the building is exposed to damp, moisture or shading.

    What properties do you clean?

    Commercial buildings, Industrial buildings & units and warehouses.

    What areas do you cover?

    East & West Sussex & Kent

    Can I trust Wadesons – Health & Safety?

    Considerations for Health and Safety are as important to us as they are to you with all necessary measures taken to ensure we adhere to safety regulations & compliance whether a small domestic property or large scale commercial project – Please use the menu above to visit our Health & Safety page.